Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

Which two celeb couples may soon be embroiled in a scandal? The superclose group spent holidays and vacationed together for nearly seven years, and now rumors are swirling that one of the hubbies and his best pal?s wife are involved in a heated twosome. (Star Magazine via Blind Gossip)

Gordon Ramsay and Becks are photographed together a lot so.....?

Gordon plays a gigantic rage ball of hot assholes on TV so I bet he likes to get dominated and shit when the lights go down. Can't you just picture Posh screaming "Move your ass, you useless donkey!" at him while he crawls around naked? Yeah, me neither.

Which perky All-American actress has had so much cosmetic surgery that producers on her comeback film added a clause in her contract that she can?t get nipped or tucked until after the movie?s release? She?s desperate to make her way back to the A-list, but movie execs fear when the film comes out no one will recognize her on the big screen. (Blind Gossip)

Meg Ryan? It's not even possible for her to pull that mess anymore. If she pulls the top of her face, the bottom part would snap off and go rolling up.

This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to an ex-girlfriend and has sex. He then calls his girlfriend to say that he can make lunch. They eat lunch and then drops out of their planned shopping trip and says he will catch up with her at dinner. He then goes to another ex-girlfriend's house and has sex before joining up with the current girlfriend for dinner. Oh, and of course this will be a reveal. It has to be shared with the world. (CDAN)

Simon Cowell? Fur titty pies are always in demand.

There is a rumor going around that they are ring-shopping and getting engaged. No. While she may be looking at rings, he is not. These tales of ring-shopping and wedding-planning are pure gossip supplied by her publicist to make people think that their client is every man?s dream girl. She sure is? if your dream girl would never sleep with you. You see, she is a lesbian. A very pretty lesbian, but a lesbian nonetheless. Always has been. He was her beard. Even though they are still friendly (cordial would probably be more accurate ) he still agrees to be seen with her occasionally to keep tongues wagging. It?s over, and he has moved on to another hot actress? who really does sleep with him. (Blind Gossip)

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake?

This A list everything actor made his significant other come to a huge event with him even though the A list everything was just caught cheating. The rumor is our actor even paid for the significant other to be there so as to not embarrass the actor or have people ask questions. (CDAN)

The only thing I've got is Brad Pitt and Angie Jolie? But Angie's offering basket is already filled to the top. However, if he paid her by softly stabbing her arch rival in the sad spot with his hatin' words during an interview.... (Yes, I read myself a bedtime story from Star Magazine every night.)

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