Charlie Sheen?s Getting $25 Million in Warner Bros. Settlement. Oh, Good.

Charlie Sheen Warner Bros Settlement 25 Million

After being fired from Two and a Half Men for repeatedly daring them to fire him via a hail of hookers, blow and crazy talk, Charlie Sheen is apparently going to receive a $25 million settlement from Warner Bros. after originally suing them for $100 million for wrongful termination, according to the LA Times. What?s going to be great about this is watching his sober, remorseful demeanor this past week immediately revert back to filling a mansion with porn stars. And by great I mean fucking annoying because I?m pretty sure Charlie Sheen has run out of insane shit to say without discovering a new language. ?So, I gave NASA $10 million just to find a new alien dialect for me to speak in, and this is what they came back with: ?Klarktu swamptu abbasalt? which roughly translates to ?My penis is a wizard mountain? in your loser Earth talk. I have won you!?

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