Bristol Palin heckled after enjoying a fantastic mechanical bull ride


There?s a new Bristol Palin controversy. It involves a 47-year-old heckler, tragedy, flip-flops, alcohol, West Hollywood, ignorance, a mechanical bull, and the words ?whore,? ?devil? and ?homosexual?. Basically, it was just like Bristol was back in Wasilla. Before I start in on Bristol and this situation, can I just admit something? I?ve never had the chance to ride a mechanical bull, and seeing this bull?s moves? well, I kind of want to now. It looks like a lot of fun. This bull didn?t ?buck? as much as other mechanical bulls that I?ve seen. This one just looks like he?s doing fun things to a lady?s vagina. No wonder Bristol is giving the bull that insane, high-pitched, screech-laugh. She?s feeling something she?s never felt before (and that?s a burn on Levi Johnston, not Bristol).

Here?s the video (NSFW language and bull-ridin?)

So as Bristol falls off the bull, she kind of lays there for a second in a post-orgasmic bliss (because, you know, that bull was magic!) and then this dude yells, ?Your mother?s a WHORE!? Bristol smiles and makes eye-contact with the heckler, and gives him a little finger action (as in ?come here?). Then Bristol makes her way past the dude that she leaves hanging for a orgasm-victory high five, and goes over to the heckler. This is the conversation, lovingly transcribed by Michael K:

Bristol: What did you say?
Palin Hater: Your mother?s a whore. She?s the f?king devil, dude.
Bristol: Oh, is she? What did she do wrong?
PH: She lives, she breathes. If there is a hell, she will be there.
Bristol: Why is that?
PH: She?s evil.
Bristol: Is it because you?re a homosexual?
PH: Pretty much. And why do you say I?m a homosexual?
Bristol: Because I can just tell you are. And that?s why you don?t like my mom.
PH: No, that?s not why. Your mom is evil.
Bristol?s backup: How old are you?
Bristol?s backup: Okay, then leave her alone.
PH: Why? She came up to me.
Bristol?s backup: You said it first!

There?s more, but I didn?t feel like transcribing it. A couple of points.

1. Bristol is surprisingly filled with rage after her bull-orgasm. Usually, I just get sleepy afterwards.
2. Bristol?s gaydar is finely tuned. ?Don?t like my mom? = GAY. Amazing.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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