Hey Little Girl -- Want a Tootsie Roll?


Don't take candy from strangers, kids -- unless that stranger is a reality TV producer ... with a diabolical plan.

Sources connected with a show called "Who Wants to Date a Comedian?" tell TMZ, the crew was desperately trying to shoot the final elimination round Wednesday on an L.A. playground -- but one big problem ... the place was overrun with kids.

That's when executive producer, Scott Satin, had a brilliant idea: buy a giant bag full of candy ... and use it to lure kids away from the jungle gym. You can't see it in the video -- but he also tossed out handfuls of dollar bills.

Creepy? You bet, but it worked -- we're told the distraction held the kids at bay for an hour, just long enough to complete the shoot.

Good job, parents.

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Source: http://www.tmz.com/2011/09/22/reality-producer-children-candy-who-wants-to-date-a-comedian-video/

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