Iconic Beauty Courtney Stodden Tells Us All About Her Wedding Night

Submitted by agirl on Sat, 09/24/2011 - 5:51am.
I think Doug and Courtney need medical attention, and in a hurry.

He appears to have had a stroke, and she has severe scoliosis, and maybe a seizure and/or tremor disorder or tardive dyskinesia or some shit like that.

Plus drug addiction of some kind, for her at least.

I hope they have good medical insurance.


No SHIT! I think they keep Doug chained to a radiator in the basement and feed him gruel, only letting him out for personal appearances, and to hold Courtney's pink dog (not a metaphor).

There is no explanation for how Courtney looks or the drivel that comes out of her mouth, but some sort of spastic medical condition might be right.

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You must forgive my curiosity, madam, and open your knees.

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