Emmy Awards Unfug It Up: Anna Torv

I just don?t know:

I like the bodice, but the rest of it is just confusing to me. It?s like a mini-mullet, and it weirdly makes her look like her feet are emerging from a place where they couldn?t possibly be connected to the rest of her body. Is this the sort of thing that happens on Fringe? (I know: I couldn?t watch it because it conflicted with some other stuff and now I feel like I?ll never be able to follow it, even though Pacey.) Personally, I think I?d fix this by making the opening in the front more of a demure slit, and less of a theatrical curtain ? I think that would fix the wonky proportionality we?ve got going on there (Wonky Proportionality is also the name of my band. We do a lot of experimental jazz.). What would you to do Unfug this? If you even think it needs unfugging, of course. I don?t know your life.

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