Duchess Kate criticized at NYFW for not being fashion-forward

Duchess Kate criticized at NYFW for not being fashion-forward


In the midst of one of the most interesting New York Fashion Weeks in a while (I seriously can?t remember paying this much attention to NYFW, ever), it seems that the newest member of the royal family is being discussed, dissected and disrespected all over town. Unfortunately, no designer, buy or style critic is willing to give Duchess Kate the hard truth: the raccoon eye makeup needs to go, and she needs to be weaned off of garish buttons. But there are still some bitches out there who come perilously close to hating on Kate.

Kate Middleton isn?t at New York?s fashion week, but she?s the big topic of conversation there, and a lot of it isn?t very nice.

When the Duchess of Cambridge is pictured wearing a new outfit it flies off the shelves and crashes retailers websites, but the New York fashion crowd doesn?t seem to be very impressed with her sense of style.

Gregg Andrews, the fashion director at Nordstrom had a backhanded compliment for Kate: ?She is stylish, but she?s not setting trends, she?s following trends. If you take Kate out of the Royal Family, put her on a street in New York, you wouldn?t look at her twice. She?s a beautiful woman, but she blends into a crowd,? he said.


Elle magazine fashion news director Anne Slowey was a little more kind to the 29-year-old future Queen of England: ?Is she a style icon of the likes of a Kate Moss? Absolutely not. Is she in the public eye? Are people going to become obsessed with everything she wears regardless of what it is? Yes.?

Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing acknowledged that Kate does have influence over the fashion world: ?Is she iconic at the moment? Time will tell. She?s certainly influential. In the position that she?s in you can?t be simply stunning as she is and not have influence,? he said.

[From Radar]

If you go back and look at Princess Diana?s style through the years (sidenote: don?t even start yelling at me about the Diana-Kate comparisons - Diana was our last stylish royal, and William WANTS people to compare his bride and his mother, or else he wouldn?t be so hell-bent on making Kate so Diana-esque), Diana?s early fashion doesn?t really hold up. As in, most of the crap she wore doesn?t look good to the modern eye. That being said, Diana was actually a trend-setter - that?s why many of her outfits look bad to us today, because she was setting trends and revitalizing the fashion industry and designers took her lead.

Now, maybe it?s wrong to expect the same kind of thing from Kate. It?s a different time, a different fashion industry, a different kind of princess/duchess, and there are different expectations. Kate is 29 - her general style tastes have already been formed, and as the years go on, I suspect that we will not see her change much. Same old raccoon eyes, same button problems, similar conservative, ?mature? looks. By the way, Kate was named ?Queen of High Street Fashion? by some UK poll - they put her at the top of a list that included Cheryl Cole, Pippa, Katie Price and assorted C-list British celebrities. Not really an accomplishment.





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14 Responses to ?Duchess Kate criticized at NYFW for not being fashion-forward?

  1. I feel so sorry for this poor girl. All she has done is try to be gracious and polite, walking a fine line so to speak.
    I like her simple and elegant style.
    She is not an actress, model, or singer so WHY does she have to be fashion forward? Her most important job is not being involved in scandals and making the royal family look good. So far she is doing an excellent job IMO.

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  2. I would rather look like Kate Middleton than Kate Moss, Kate Moss looks like she needs scrubbed with dettol and a wire brush and she would give you a good dose of the clap. Leather crusty hot pants or a gorgeous DVF dress, think K-Midd is the way forward :)

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  3. I mean I bet she DOESNT care at all.

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  4. She wears what she likes and looks great. I think these detractors need new hobbies?

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  5. Her fashion is so boring,i?m so over it,she simply puts on a dress,a cluth,shoes,let her hair fly and that?s it for her fashion.No new makeup,hairdo or striking shoes!.i agree with Greg Andrews?s comment.there?s no wow factor,she doesn?t stand out.

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  6. Here we go attack her about the way she dress, leave the girl alone

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  7. ?Now, maybe it?s wrong to expect the same kind of thing from Kate.? Yep Kaiser you are wrong.
    Kate is expected to produce the future King/Queen nothing more nothing less.
    Kate does seem less than Diana in a good way. Diana was what we would call today a fame whore, especially in the latter years. Kate is yet to reach those heights.
    I know others may disagree with me but let me just say that when Diana and Charles, (known as Lady Di back then), came to my part of the woods she was lovely. I was eight at the time and she answered our questions with good humour and even took photos with us children. So I always had a high opinion of her. I am just saying in later years she realised the power of the press and played it to her advantage.

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  8. Leave her alone. I don?t know why people expect her to be some leader in fashion. Is there a shortage of women who do that already?

    Surely there is something better she could do with her time, especially considering her position, then parade around in the latest fashion and be judged on whether she is a trend setter or not.

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  9. I think she cares just the right amount about fashion. These fashion types think we all live and breath for their stuff. I mean, it?s good to look nice, but get over yourself, NYFW.

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  10. @Abby?.I agree, where does it say she has to set trends? By all indications, the clothes that she wears become instant sellers in the stores, so I think she?s doing quite well.

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  11. The real question is: Where has Kate gone? She must be pregnant and in hiding out, re-wearing all her dresses, until its safe to announce she?s expecting. We haven?t seen her in months. .

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  12. Seriously, who gives a crap what these people say?? She?s a future Queen of England, not a fashion model. She usually looks lovely and tasteful, it isn?t her job to be a freakin? trend setter and I?m sure it?s not on the top of her goal list either.

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