Jennifer Lopez Tricked Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lopez Bradley Cooper

When Bradley Cooper agreed to have a business dinner with Jennifer Lopez at Per Se ? a ?low key? restaurant in New York known for its wealthy customers? discretion ? he just assumed it?d be a friendly chat about a potential project that wouldn?t be leaked to TMZ as a romantic get-together to get her face in the press. What he should?ve known is that Jennifer Lopez pulled the exact same stunt on Ralph Fiennes forcing him to star in all those Harry Potter movies. Or so the legend goes? HuffPost Celebrity reports:

In 2002, Lopez had a casual dinner with Fiennes, around the time they were filming ?Maid in Manhattan? together, only to find pictures from their joint meal splashed all over the New York Post saying ?deny this.? Fiennes later went on to say, ?I had dinner with her and her producer and her manager who?s in the background of the shot as well. That didn?t upset me because it was just so not true and so badly set up.?

I?m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that after watching his ex-wife over the years, Marc Anthony tried to pull a similar publicity stunt on Will Smith last night only to do it almost exactly wrong:

MARC: Will, trust Marc Anthony. It?ll just be a simple cumplea�os and put all this affair business to bed. Si?
WILL: Alright, I?m in.
MARC: Bueno!

Later that night?

MARC: Let?s take pictures, everybody!
WILL: Whoooo! Marc, put your arm around me!
FERGIE: I have a penis!

And the morning after?

MARC: Marc Anthony has his cafe con leche, and now to see if his little plan worked? *pulls up Internet* Fuck me in the salsa ass, I was supposed to use a woman.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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