Sinead O'Connor Would Like Your Suicide Tips!

RE: being a parent and depressed/suicidal.

Ok, so I am a parent, as you guys know. I would say becoming a parent helped me stop resenting my fucked up parents because I realized that parents cannot be perfect however hard they try.

Also, I am not sure I would be as good of a person as I am without my daughter to think of. I am so thankful that I had her! Most of my family was v. WTF? when I had a kid--I guess they didn't see that in me. But, I'm very devoted to my kid, and I'm sure I'll make/have made mistakes, and I'm still depressed, but the moments of happiness I've had involve my daughter.

Tonight we played board games all night. You know what I would've been doing without her? I'd probably be killing a couple bottles of wine. If I'd based my decision to become a mother on my mental health history, things would've turned out differently.

Now, one of my biggest fears is that she will inherit my depression. But if she does, I will just do everything I can to support her and let her know I love her.

I will say, though, every woman should make the decision to be a mom and not feel pressured, having children is not the point of a woman's life, so if you don't want to be a mom, then that's great, don't be one. I say, women don't even need a reason!

Ok, that was my rant, and definitely not what I expected to be commenting when I popped into this thread!

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